Reggio, woman attacked at home by her husband in the presence of her 6 minor children: a 45-year-old arrested


By John

In recent days, Flying Police personnel arrested a 45-year-old individual with multiple criminal convictions who was responsible for aggravated mistreatment in the family, committed in the presence of minors.

The State Police Agents intervened following a call to the single European emergency call number (CUR-NUE) from a woman who, in a clear state of agitation, reported that she had been attacked at home by her husband, in the presence of her 6 minor children.

The woman fainted while she was on the phone and the Police Operations Room quickly sent 118 medical staff to the scene. The police quickly reached the 36-year-old's home, located in the Arghillà neighbourhood, where they were the 6 minor children.

The victim, after the necessary initial treatment, reported several episodes of violence suffered at the hands of the State Police to the State Police personnel husband who, in the latter circumstance, with the excuse of recovering some of his personal effects, had broken down the door of the house and attacked the woman by grabbing her by the neck and threatening her with a hammer.

Before disappearing in his car, the man had destroyed several pieces of furniture and some doors in the apartment with two hammers, acts of violence carried out in the presence of the minors, many of whom were found in tears by the police officers.

Following what the victim declared, a search was undertaken for the man, who was traced in the same Reggio area and arrested for aggravated domestic abuse.

The competent Judicial Authority validated the arrest and ordered the precautionary measure in prison.