Derby Cosenza-Catanzaro: clashes between fans and law enforcement near the stadium and in front of Mc Donald's in Rende, 13 injured THE IMAGES


By John

After a day of celebration, a very bad epilogue for the Calabrian derby. At the end of the match, in fact, there were clashes between Catanzaro fans and the police. After the Giallorossi fans left the stadium, the scuffles began at the Polisportiva Real Cosenza, which is located a few meters from the San Vito stadium. Others moments of tension were recorded near the Cosenza Nord junction with clashes between both fans and the police.

In fact, the coaches of the Giallorossi fans were sent from the north curve of the San Vito stadium towards the Cosenza Nord junction of the A2 motorway, and then continued towards Catanzaro. At a certain point, New scuffles broke out near Mc Donald's in Quattromiglia, with Cosenza supporters who threw torches and stones at the Giallorossi bus. At that point the moment of greatest tension with the Catanzaro fans, who got off the bus and the clash with the police began. A man was injured and was treated inside the MC with some stitches. Overall, thirteen policemen were injured or bruised. Some Catanzaro fans have been identified by the police. There were many more Catanzaro fans than the 800 to whom access to the stadium had been limited. The away sector of Cosenza has over 1900 seats and was almost full.

Before the match, the managers of the Catanzaro club, subject to heated protests by the home fans, had to leave the sector assigned to them to watch the match as a precaution and were accompanied to another area of ​​the stadium.

In these hours, however, investigators are viewing videos from the shopping center's surveillance system and others shot by private citizens and circulating on social media. A definitive reconstruction of the story could come from these videos.

Images of the clashes