Differentiated autonomy: a reform to be blocked


By John

The mobilization promoted by the ANCI against differentiated autonomy marks an important change of pace in Calabria. A broad transversal front of mayors has converged on the “no” to the reform, worried about the consequences of a measure destined to have a profound impact on the constitutional structure known up to now. It is a fact that he cannot even be underestimated by the governor Roberto Occhiuto – still suspended between loyalty to the team orders in FI and the desire to wage a battle to protect the Calabrians – as well as by the elected representatives called to vote on the reform in the Chamber, in second reading. Forces of any kind could lead to the tearing of a historically fragile institutional fabric in these latitudes. No one can exclude themselves from a process started by the center-left in 2001 with the reform of Title V, in the wake of the successes of the Northern League, when it still boldly claimed “Padania”.

Now, if the definition of Essential performance levels (the infamous Lep) it is considered an essential condition to endorse the new Northern League project, under the radar another more worrying fact emerges. Yes, because in the proposal under discussion in Parliament there is the constitutionalisation of the historic expenditure. «And it’s a trick – as Adriano Giannola, president of Svimez, never tires of underlining – because while the issues related to the Lep will be blocked for 2 years, everything else, which is “the meat” of the Autonomy, can be touched upon immediately» . Therefore, if the path will still be long in terms of health, assistance, education and local public transport, in all other matters we risk finding ourselves faced with a progressive dismantling of the State, starting with the protection of the environment, the ecosystem and cultural, but also on roads, highways, airports, scientific research and civil protection.

Hope (for the South and Calabria in particular) is the recomposition of a side in defense of the Constitution and of a shared history based on principles of solidarity and social cohesion. At stake is the unity of the Republic. This is a precious heritage and the risk that it could become a battleground for partisan battles must be avoided. The project that completely rewrites Italy must be stopped before the irreparable thing happens.