Scott reborn, special surveillance request for Roberto Ionadi rejected


By John

“The request for application of the special surveillance prevention measure advanced by the Catanzaro DDA against Roberto Ionadi was rejected”. The Court of Catanzaro, Prevention Measures Section, in acceptance of the requests made by the trusted defender, Salvatore Sorbillirejected the request for the application of Special Surveillance, advanced by the DDA of Catanzaro against Roberto Ionadi.

The PM De Bernardohad requested that the prevention measure be applied to him Special Surveillance for the maximum duration (five years) with obligation to stay in the Municipality of residence, as well as the withdrawal of the passport and the withdrawal of the driving license, as well as a series of prescriptions limiting personal freedom. The basis of the request was Ionadi’s alleged belonging to the Vibo ndrangheta and his extreme social danger, as would appear from the documents of the Rinascita Scott trial.

The defender, during the hearing held yesterday before the Court of Catanzaro, replied, noting that with the sentence of the Rinascita Scott trial, Ionadi was acquitted of all crimes, except for a single minor hypothesis pursuant to art. 73 paragraph 5 of Presidential Decree 309/90 and noting the non-belonging to the aforementioned ndrina and the non-existence of social danger. The Court of Catanzaro, accepting the requests of Ionadi’s defender, rejected the DDA’s request and therefore did not apply the Special Surveillance or other measures.