Differentiated autonomy, Fiorita: “I believe in Succurro, I will participate in the Anci sit-in”


By John

«I didn’t vote Rosaria Succurro as president of the Anci because his election was used in that phase by the Calabrian centre-right to perform a test of strength, preferring to the unity of the association the downsizing of some authoritative voices by excluding the mayors of the large and medium-sized cities of the region from the negotiations”.

The mayor of Catanzaro states this Nicola Fiorita after the statements of the mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore (Cosenza) and president of Anci Calabria Rosaria Succurro, of Forza Italia, of opposition to differentiated autonomy. «I must say – he continues – that the firm stance taken yesterday by Anci Calabria and its president on differentiated autonomy, with words that leave no doubt about their sincerity and conviction, makes me change my mind about its hetero-dependence on the centre-right parties . Even more significant is the fact that this position differs dramatically from many voices of Calabrian deputies and senators, supinely flattened by the orders of the team coming from the national government”. «It is for this reason – concludes Fiorita – sure that the position of the president of Anci is not a simple tactic to get out of a corner, I have decided to participate in the sit-in next Tuesday in front of the prefecture to reiterate the Calabrian mayors’ no to the great deception of differentiated autonomythe reform that could split our country in two forever.”