Differentiated autonomy, Occhiuto thunders: “Error of the centre-right, FI Calabria did not vote for the bill”


By John

The text of the bill on differentiated autonomy approved by the Chamber has certainly improved – thanks above all to the work of the Forza Italia ministers and the national secretary, Antonio Tajani – compared to the one proposed months ago by Minister Calderoli. For the most important matters, agreements between the State and the Regions cannot be ratified without first having quantified and financed the essential levels of performance”.

This is what the president of the Calabria Region states in a note, Roberto Occhiuto.

“But precisely for this reason, the method used to vote in forced stages – rejecting possible further improvements – for this measure is difficult to understand: in doing so the bill seemed like a flag of a single political force, in a climate that represented this rule as divisive in Parliament and in the country. I don’t know if the minimal electoral advantages that the centre-right will have in the North, where presumably the citizens before autonomy would have preferred to have fewer taxes and less bureaucracy, will compensate for the opposition and concerns that the centre-right voters have in the South. This rule was more in-depth and the discussion had to take place in a calm manner: we would thus have had the opportunity to explain it better in the southern regions. I understand the reasons of the Calabrian deputies of Forza Italia – Francesco Cannizzaro, Giuseppe Mangialavori and Giovanni Arruzzolo – who decided not to vote for this law. It was their choice, which I shared. I fear that the national center-right has made a mistake, which it will soon realize.” Thus Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region and deputy national secretary of Forza Italia”.

“We have exercised freedom of conscience, the party remains united”

“We decided not to participate in the votes on the amendments and the final vote on differentiated autonomy at Montecitorio because in our opinion the text of the provision would have deserved further study, essential improvements, a more serene and linear parliamentary process.

We thank the Forza Italia government team and our national secretary Antonio Tajani: with their action the Calderoli bill was partly rewritten and made less indigestible for the Southern Regions. Despite this, we considered the guarantees insufficient, especially regarding the matters not measurable with the Lep, which could immediately be the subject of agreements between the State and the Regions, with probable escapes forward from territories which already today experience an advantageous situation compared to the South. We did not vote for the law as a personal decision, exercising the freedom of conscience that has always existed in Forza Italia, a gift we inherited from President Berlusconi. The unity of the party and that of our parliamentary group, wisely led by Paolo Barelli, are in no way called into question.”

This was stated in a joint note by the Calabrian deputies of Forza Italia, Francesco Cannizzaro, Giuseppe Mangialavori and Giovanni Arruzzolo.