Differentiated autonomy, the regional councilor Antonio Lo Schiavo joins the mobilization of Anci Calabria


By John

«I will also be there tomorrow, Tuesday 13 February, in front of the Prefecture of Vibo Valentia, with the mayors of Anci Calabria in the demonstration against differentiated autonomy, to reiterate the reasons for opposition to a reform that splits Italy and accentuates the gap between the rich and poor regions of the country.”

The regional councilor declares it Antonio Lo Schiavopresident of the Mixed Group – Freely Progressives, making known his adhesion to the mobilization called by the Anci against the Calderoli bill already approved by the Senate.

«Fully sharing the concerns expressed by the Calabrian mayors – continues Lo Schiavo –, I cannot help but highlight how all the contradictions of this wicked plan are also emerging within the centre-right, where there are positions of open dissent. Even the President of the Region himself, Roberto Occhiuto, who also voted in favor of differentiated autonomy in the State-Regions Conference, is beginning to show signs of intolerance towards promises which, evidently, can never be kept. Therefore, an even clearer position on his part would be desirable, like those in the party who lined up against him. I have asked him several times to clearly say which side he is on: whether with the Calabrians or with the government coalition of which his party is part. Now is the time to take a stand and pronounce clear words regarding a path which, if not stopped in time, will result in extremely harmful consequences for Calabria and the entire South.”