They pour “pink coke” into his drink, a 14 year old dies in Spain


By John

The death of a 14-year-old boy from poisoning after drinking a can of the energy drink “Red Bull” to which two grams of the so-called ‘pink cocaine’, a deadly cocktail of substances such as ketamine, has caused alarm in Spain. or ecstasy, according to investigative sources cited by the Europa Press agency.

The minor’s parents filed a complaint with the police who opened an investigation, coordinated by the minors’ prosecutor’s office, which suggests a possible crime of murder.

The events, which occurred in Getafe, a municipality in the Madrid area, date back to eleven in the evening last Friday, when the boy, together with two friends, arranged to meet other young people he met on Instagram near the Los Espardales metro station in Getafe .

The latter, according to an initial reconstruction, would have poured two grams of “tusi”, as pink cocaine is called, into the victim’s can, without his knowledge and without his friends noticing. To then run away on the subway and post a video on Instagram that recorded their exploits and in which they mocked the minor behind his back, which was then deleted.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, the 14-year-old boy fell into a coma and died due to cardiac arrest due to the lethal dose of drugs, without the emergency services and the police, who rushed to the scene, being able to do anything to resuscitate him. .