Discussion and dialogue on the Locri hospital between political forces so as not to let their guard down


By John

“I continue to fight, as I always have, with conviction and determination for a functioning hospital and for fair healthcare in Locride. Even in my role as regional councilor, on a daily basis, I pay the utmost attention to the Locride hospital. Thanks to so much commitment and so many battles, today there is a completely different situation compared to that of a few years ago when, I remind myself, we were about to close the hospital”. This was stated in a note Giovanni Calabrese, councilor for work and professional training of the Calabria Region. “There is still a lot to do, in strengthening services and hiring staff, to achieve normality and this is why we do not lower our guard and face the situation with constant discussion and dialogue. Today in Reggio Calabria we took stock of the situation with the president Roberto Occhiutothe general director of the ASP, Lucia Di Furia, Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatáin his capacity as president of the Asp RC Mayors Committee, the mayor of Locri, Giuseppe Fontanathe mayor of Siderno, Maria Teresa Fragomeniand the presidents of the Association and the Committee of Mayors of Locride, Vincenzo Maesano And Giorgio Imperitura”.

Falcomatà’s thoughts

“As mayors in 2020 we restarted the conference of the Mayors’ Committee of the ASP which had been at a standstill for too long, holding meetings in the area, from Locride to the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the Piana to the Strait area and to Grecanica, to learn from the voices of the first citizens, what were the problems relating to the territorial health network and therefore to the healthcare provision in the area. From these meetings was born what is known as the ‘Charter of Locri’, that is, not just a mere description of what the situation was , but a series of elements from which to start again. I must say that even in this period of suspension, the mayor Aldo Alessio, as president of the Committee, has continued this path together with Dr. Di Furia”. Thus the metropolitan and Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, at the end of a meeting with the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, called for a discussion on the healthcare system in the Reggio Calabria region. Also present at the meeting were the general director of the ASP Reggina, Lucia Di Furia, the regional councilor Giovanni Calabrese and a delegation of mayors from Locride: Mariateresa Fragomeni (Siderno), Giuseppe Fontana (Locri), Vincenzo Maesano (Bovalino) and Giorgio Imperitura di Martone.

“Today, together with the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto – added Falcomatà – an in-depth focus was made on the territorial network of hospitals, health homes, in particular those of Locri and Siderno.

It was a calm discussion on the activities carried out so far since he took office as Health Commissioner. The meeting – he highlighted – was also useful because the mayors had the opportunity to express their concerns regarding problems that still need to be resolved. A move was also made with respect to hospital healthcare construction, relating to the construction of the new Piana hospital and the new large metropolitan hospital of Reggio Calabria. The topics will have a specific meeting.”

“In conclusion – concluded Falcomatà – I really appreciated President Occhiuto’s openness regarding the assignment of delegated functions to the Metropolitan City, and we plan to focus on this in the coming weeks”.