Giuseppe Angileri from Messina triumphs at the Salerno International Film Festival


By John

“We are pleased to announce, with pride, that our documentary, La Cardata, won the public award, making it, by far, the most voted project of all the categories participating in the festival. This recognition is the fruit of everyone’s work the team and the dedication of the very talented people involved in the project.” The Messina Giuseppe Angileri he is very happy for the recognition and thanks the jury of the Salerno International Film Festival for recognizing the artistic value and depth of the documentary that talks about Messina and a glorious tradition: swordfish fishing. Filming started on 4 August 2022, with the city of the Strait of the undisputed protagonist of the first documentary by Angileri from Messina, born in 1987, who emigrated with his family to Rome and returned to his native Messina for his beautiful project: La Cardata, a documentary that brought the ancient swordfish fishing to the national spotlight, but not only: “The result of long research and a lot of work – said Giuseppe, known to all as Peppe, who proudly claims his Sicilian origins – The main objective was that of telling the tradition of feluccas and the people who work there”. The documentary was released at the beginning of last February, with the Italian premiere held right in his native Messina.