“Dog behind the wheel”, the police fine the owner. There’s the photo of the speed camera: here’s what happened


By John

“The owner of a car whose dog was behind the wheel was fined.” The news, far-fetched to say the least, was spread by the Slovak media and literally went around the world. To reveal the details is for example the BBC, which publishes a frame of the image of the speed camera released on Facebook by the Slovak police: it shows a “smiling” dog, the British broadcaster points out, with its mouth open, sitting in the driving seat of a Skoda car.

The owner of the vehicle justified himself by claiming that his pet, a brown hunting dog, suddenly jumped into his lap and therefore in the photo it seems to have taken his place at the wheel of the vehicle.

A version which, however, did not convince the officers of the village of Sterusy, north-east of the Slovakian capital Bratislava, according to whom the footage shows that there would have been no sudden movement inside the car. The British media underlines that it is currently unclear whether the fine was imposed for speeding or for not having secured the animal in a moving vehicle. What is certain – the BBC writes – is the fact that the police have launched an appeal to motorists to protect their pets while driving. “Even a small animal can endanger life and health while driving,” the police warned.