Jazzolino, or Vibo’s healthcare system collapsing. The Democratic Party prepares the battle for “rights”


By John

The appointment was in front of the Jazzolino hospital. There where only Padre Pio remained to watch over rights. Users know it, healthcare workers know it. Those who seek treatment, those who offer treatment. But it is Jazzolino, the hospital that has collapsed on itself over the years, where those who work often do so without tools, with grueling shifts, where citizens have often not found the answers. Because healthcare is made up of lights and shadows. But the representatives of the Democratic Party did not gather to pray in front of the hospital yesterday. In fact, it is not a miracle that they are expecting: only the guarantee that that right to treatment must also be given in Calabria and in the Vibonese area, in particular, where the new hospital celebrates seventeen years since the laying of the first stone with a construction site that it only opened days ago.
And healthcare is on the agenda of the Democratic Party which is asking for answers from the Region and the commissioners who have been administering the Asp for years. And the “Vibo case” has been paid attention to by the regional councilor for some time Raffaele Mammoliti: «I denounced the discrepancy between the inputs coming from the regional commissioner and the actual implementation and impact on the administrative action in the governance of the Vibo health system. Remaining firm – he underlined – on healthcare means encouraging and funding private healthcare.”