Double murder Torcasio and Materasso in Lamezia, perpetrator and instigator sentenced to 30 years


By John

The Catanzaro gup Chiara Esposito he sentenced, in the summary trial Domenico Cannizzaroaged 57, and Pietro Iannazzo (48), both sentenced to 30 years in prison for the double murder of Giovanni Torcasio And Cristian Mattress which occurred in Lamezia Terme on 29 September 2000. The prosecution had requested a life sentence for Cannizzaro, believed to be the instigator of the crime, defended by the lawyers Antonio Larussa and Lucio Canzoniere and Iannazzo considered the material executor, defended by the lawyers Francesco Gambardella and Renzo Andricciola. The double murder is part of a feud between the Iannazzo-Cannizzaro-Daponte and the Cerra-Torcasio-Giampà families. The Iannazzo-Cannizzaro-Daponte coterie had lost men over the years whose deaths it blamed on rivals against whom it had decided to take revenge.