Drama in Taranto, Reggio police director Michele Viola dies in an accident. Son of the historic basketball president


By John

Michele Viola from Reggio, 52 years old, since a few weeks chief of staff of the Taranto Police Headquartersdied in the afternoon in a road accident on state road 172 between Taranto and Martina Franca. The man, son of judge Giuseppe Viola, historic president of Viola Basket, was riding a bike when – for reasons to be ascertained – he was hit by a Ford. The impact was fatal for the police officer and the rescuers were unable to do anything but confirm his death. The police who intervened on the spot with the firefighters are investigating. Viola came from the Palmi police station, had also been in service at the Dia of Messina and had settled in Taranto on 6 April last.

Siulp's condolences

«I still have our last handshake, last Saturday, imprinted in my mind. The news of Doctor Viola's death shocked us to the core.” Thus Antonio Digregorio, provincial general secretary of the Siulp Police union of Taranto after the news of the fatal collision, while he was cycling, of the chief of staff of the Taranto Police Headquarters. Michele Viola aged 52. “Dr. Viola was a person with invaluable human and professional qualities and his tragic passing is a serious loss for our administration. The closeness and condolences of the entire Siulp reach the family”, writes Digregorio in a note.