Israeli tanks continue attacks on Rafah. Erdogan to the Islamic world: react against Tel Aviv


By John

Israeli tanks conducted a second day of attacks in Rafah on Wednesday, and Palestinian health officials say several people were injured this morning by Israeli fire in eastern Rafah. This was reported by Reuters, reported by the Guardian. Palestinian sources say some aid depots were set on fire. According to Reuters, residents said constant Israeli shelling overnight destroyed many homes in the area, where most people fled after Israel ordered them to evacuate.

Erdogan calls on the Islamic world to react against Israel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched an appeal to the Islamic world to react against Israel. «I have something to say to the Islamic world: what are you waiting for to make a shared decision? Allah will hold you, all of us, responsible for this,” Erdogan said during a speech to his AKP parliamentary group, broadcast by Turkish state TV TRT.