Drama in the United States, 13-year-old model student kills his mother: she was sleeping next to the baby who was just a few months old


By John

A 13-year-old model student killed his mother, who was sleeping next to the crib of her daughter, who was just fourteen days old, then called the police and confessed to the murder. It happened in Hialeah, Florida: when the police arrived at her home, they found the woman in a pool of blood, lifeless, stabbed several times in her throat. In her crib was the little girl, asleep. Derek Rosa did not resist, he apologized to the officers for what he had done, but did not explain why he had killed his mother. The murder shocked the neighborhood: Rosa is a middle school student who had won a series of prizes and had always appeared very calm and attached to his family. He does not appear to have had mental problems. In a photo from a few weeks ago, the little boy appeared with his stepfather while he caressed his mother’s belly. All three, for the occasion, had worn a pink t-shirt, to celebrate the imminent birth of the little girl. Rosa was first taken to youth prison, then to hospital after trying to take his own life.