Drug trafficking in Sibaritide, the DDA files new wiretaps relating to the Gentleman investigation


By John

“Gentleman 2” investigation: the Catanzaro anti-mafia district directorate goes on the attack and files an additional investigative activity by bringing together a series of interceptions relating to the “Athena” and “Reset” investigations into the process. In the opinion of the public prosecution, these are conversations that would have investigative value. The defendants' lawyers objected, obtaining a postponement of the hearing until June.
The “Gentleman 2” investigation which landed before the Gup sees 24 people accused. The blitz began on 5 June last year, involving twenty-four of the twenty-six residents, mainly between Cassano and Corigliano-Rossano, while the investigations were concluded at the end of November. The investigations had made it possible to ascertain, through an international letter rogatory, how the subjects under investigation exchanged messages protected from interceptions by the police via cryptophones that used a server of the American company Sky-Ecc. A system then hacked by the French, Dutch and Belgian judicial authorities, coordinated by Europol and Eurojust, breaking the bank and discovering international drug trafficking and related illegal communications.

The names

Defendants before the Gup are: Fiorello Abbruzzese, 25 years old from Cassano, Nicola Abbruzzese “Semiasse”, 44 years old from Cassano, Davide Aiello, 60 years old from Rende, Gianfranco Arcidiacono, 36 years old from Cassano, Carmelo Bellocco, 36 years old from Taurianova, Salvatore Brandi, 40 years old from Corigliano, Angelo Caravetta, 50 years old from Corigliano and former municipal councilor of Corigliano Calabro, Daniele Caravetta, 33 years old from Corigliano, Claudio Franco Cardamone “Il bello, Marine o Taccagno”, 49 years old from Corigliano, Francesco Pasquale Cimino , 41 years old from Corigliano, Antonio Conocchia, 39 years old from Corigliano, Arcangelo Conocchia “'U doctor”, 58 years old from Corigliano, Giuseppe Esposito, 39 years old from Corigliano, Francesco Faillace, 40 years old from Cassano, Pasquale Forastefano “Il madman or L 'animal”, 36 years of Cassano, Alessandro Forastefano, 32 years of Cassano, Rosario Giovanni Fuoco “Schmitt” 54 years of Campana, Francesco Carmine Lombisani, 25 years of Corigliano, Giuseppe Andrea Mangano, 39 years of Corigliano, Gino Salvatore Marigliano, 60 years of Rende, Davide Paldino, 31 years of Corigliano, Giuseppe Carmelo Pellicano, 33 years of Reggio Calabria, Paolo Pellicano, 25 years of Montepaone (Cz) years, Erminio Pezzi, 60 years of Spezzano della Sila, Fisnik Smajlaj, 50 years of Albanian nationality, escaped prisoner and currently on the run. All today's suspects are to be considered innocent until the third degree of trial.