European elections, Cosenza's PD remains off the lists: voting intentions in no particular order


By John

The Democratic Party on the route to the European Championships confirms its current underlying weakness, above all, from Naples on down. And, moreover, the well-informed say that the same group leader in the Senate, Francesco Boccia (who are remembered in Cosenza for having managed the party in one of the most difficult moments of its recent history), reiterated this openly to the secretary Elly Schlein: the list in the South needs a massive dose of tonics. We need reinforcements, we need some of the big Calabrians (and therefore Cosenza) to put their face to it. It is enough to touch the strings of the announced lineup to make the bitterness change color and become tinged with anger.
Resentment stirs the rubble everywhere with the claim of heads that will never fall. Inside the list of the South there are names, many names. But the big names are missing. Excellent applications were left off the lists. The first to backtrack was the regional group leader Mimmo Bevacqua, breaking a consolidated tradition. In the past, the leading centre-left party from Cosenza had always nominated one of its generals. Five years ago, the then president of the Province (and now vice-president of the Regional Council) put his face to it, Franco Iacucci, with a balance of 23,577 preferences. In 2014, the year of Renzi's historic result, three Cosentino exponents were put to the test: Mario Maiolowhich took home 72,139 votes), Mario Pirillo (who closed with 63,767 personal votes) e Maria Saladin (which brought home 25,590 votes). Bevacqua's no would have set off a chain reaction.