Earthquake in Giardini Naxos: the budget councilor Salvatore Spartà resigns, the entire councilor leaves


By John

The resignation of the councilor for the Budget, Pnrr, Public Works, Salvatore Spartà, were seen by the political and administrative world of Giardino as the most classic of “lightning bolts” that struck out of the blue during a glimpse of the weekend. None of the Government team or of the environments close to the “Stracuzzi Mayor” civic list he expected or had had an inkling that the new councilor Spartà could arrive at such a drastic decision and above all, so soon after the assignment of the delegations.

A few months after the “change in progress”, wanted by the mayor Giorgio Stracuzzi which has gone from a council, the result of the electoral victory which took place in October 2020, to an unprecedented “Technical” team which aims to make up for the time lost so far and accompany this second part of the legislature until the natural deadline of October 2025 Yesterday morning, when the offices opened after the two non-working days, the resignation letter of the councilor Salvatore Spartà made the usual walls of the ancient Municipal Palace tremble.

Word of mouth started to spread and within a few hours, in the main squares and in the most renowned bars of the Messina tourist resort, there was nothing else being talked about. Everyone is wondering the reason for this gesture. We couldn’t help but hear the resigning Spartà who did not want to comment, actually told us that his letter will be made public directly by the Prime Minister, lawyer. Antonella Arcidiacono that the light during this morning’s Council meeting called for the first meeting at 10.30. Even the mayor Giorgio Stracuzzi, having learned of the decision from the delegate himself, yesterday did not want to comment on the sudden abandonment, postponing any decision in the city parliament. Obviously, we want to cool down the dynamics of the controversy. But in the meantime, councilor Toto has opened up.