Egypt, policeman shoots at a group of Israelis: two tourists and a guide die


By John

A police officer opened fire on a group of Israeli tourists in Alexandria, Egypt. According to what the television station “al Jazeera” reports, they are counted two deaths among Israeli tourists. An officer guarding the Aumd al-Sawari sanctuary in the El Manshiyya area opened fire. The Egyptian television station “Extra News” reported, that the police officer assigned to security the Manshiyya area in Alexandria he fired his personal weapon, while one of the groups of Israeli tourists was present at the Sanctuary. In addition to two Israeli tourists, an Egyptian citizen, the tour guide, was also killed, while another was injured. The policeman was immediately arrested and the injured man was taken to hospital. The Egyptian media instead denied the news, spread by some international agencies, which spoke of the killing of six Israeli tourists in the Sinai.