Cosenza, the crisis in the Democratic Party worries the majority


By John

The outburst of the former deputy mayor, Maria Pia Funaro, he tore the veil of the temple. The Democratic Party is shaking but the earthquake shakes the entire majority in Palazzo dei Bruzi. A sudden fissure that is destined to cause large stretch marks within a fibrillating Chamber. Funaro’s loneliness is the loneliness denounced by three other dem city councilors, Francesco Graziadio, Gianfranco Tinto And Aldo Trecroci who complain about «lack of information and sharing, and the Funaro affair is only the latest episode in a series of other similar situations, less important but equally significant». Litigiousness represents the only true element of continuity within a party which has never been such because it was crushed by currents. Moreover, the confirmation comes from the three Democratic exponents: «What is happening supports the idea, now widespread in the community, of a party closed to debate, not very dialectical, attentive to the internal balance of power but not engaging in dialogue with its base. Instead, a decisive and immediate intervention is necessary, also on the part of those who occupy positions within this Federation of a regional and national nature, to encourage the sharing of ideas and political projects with active participation, also and above all in the municipal group of the Democratic Party, in the decisions that will have to be taken.” Moreover, the three city councilors were only informed «by the press and television of the removal of the deputy mayor and councilor for the environment. Given that these decisions are the exclusive responsibility of the mayor, that we have no other elements of political evaluation of the matter other than those known through the official statements released by the interested parties, we nevertheless believe that better communication within the majority and the PD group in particular, requested several times in vain, would have been appropriateindeed necessary, in the development of this and also other events that have occurred during the almost two years of operation of the current municipal administration”.