Election of Pergolizzi as president of the municipal council of Messina, the decision slips to 3 October


By John

“After the discussion that took place in the precautionary session this morning, the president of the Catania Tar, given the delicacy of the matter, decided to suggest to the lawyers – Ciro Gallo for the 17 municipal councilors, Santi Delia for the Municipality of Messina and Fulvio Cintioli for President Pergolizzi – the setting of a very short hearing on the merits in which to define once and for all with a sentence the age-old question of the election of the President of the Municipal Council of Messina” declared the 17 City Councilors who signed the appeal.

“So it was public hearing of 3 October 2023 has been set and today’s decision of the TAR appears absolutely consistent since the issuance of a precautionary measure would certainly have left the City Council in total uncertainty awaiting a ruling on the merits of the matter.” they continue.

“We can only welcome both the decision of the TAR and the adherence to it of all the lawyers of the parties involved as we believe a final decision in the shortest possible time is fundamental, regardless of the outcome” conclude the 17 Municipal Councilors .