Elections in Sardinia: Todde ahead of Truzzu. The Democratic Party is the first party


By John

They are just over 2,200 votes apart Alessandra Todde, candidate for president of the Sardinia Region for the centre-left’s Campo largo, by the centre-right’s rival, the mayor of Cagliari, Paolo Truzzu, when 258 sections out of 1,844 are missing from the end of the counting, which began 15 hours later. Todde is slightly ahead, but important municipalities are still missing, such as Selargius and Quartucciu, in the metropolitan city of Cagliari, which have not sent the results of any of their sections to the Region. And those of Cagliari city, Sassari and Quartu Sant’Elena, where, are not yet complete Todde has a clear lead. In the Middle Campidano no data from one of the main centres, San Gavino Monreale. In the constituency of Olbia-Tempio, La Maddalena has not yet been received, the 11 sections of which yesterday were the last to communicate the definitive data on turnout, which appeared on the Region’s website only after midnight, three hours after the polls closed. In Gallura the results of the three sections of Luras are also missing, in the Oristano area the three of Abbasanta and the two of Bonarcado, in addition to the 9 of Cabras, the 4 of Cuglieri and the 5 of Ghilarza. In the Sassari area, apart from the results of some small municipalities, those of the 13 sections of Sorso, the three of Villanova Monteleone and the 4 of Usini are missing.

The disjointed vote did not pay off Renato Soru, third with his Sardinian Coalition. In his third re-nomination, the former president of the Region – with still partial results – is at 8.4%. Its five lists (Liberu, Progetto Sardegna, +Europa-Azione con Soru, Vota Sardigna and Rifondazione Comunista) are doing worse: at the moment they are at 7.7% and do not exceed the 10% threshold established by the electoral statute law for coalitions . As a result, the Sardinian Coalition risks not placing any councillors.

Ditto for Lucia Chessacandidate from Sardigna R-exists: the percentages for her fluctuate between 0.9 and 1%, while her list (0.6%) is far from the 5% threshold expected for individual lists.

The split voting mechanism, which allows the voter to vote for a candidate not connected to the chosen coalition or list, has heavily penalized Truzzu: his lists exceed 49%, while the presidential candidate is at 45.3% (1,139 sections scrutinized out of 1,844). The gap of around four points between the presidential candidate and his coalition is a constant in the electoral history of the centre-right in Sardinia. It also happened to Christian Solinas, winner in 2019, and to Ugo Cappellacci (Forza Italia), who lost to Francesco Pigliaru in 2014. Todde, however, is doing better than her lists: 45.2% for her and 42.3% for the coalition, when the data is not yet definitive.

When we are now preparing to reach 70% of sections scrutinized (now 67.2%, i.e. 1,239 out of 1,844) the results of the individual lists at regional level are consolidated in the elections for the renewal of the Sardinian legislative assembly and the election of the governor. At present the Democratic Party is the first party with 14.2%, followed by Fratelli d’Italia with 13.8%, then M5s at 7.7%, Forza Italia at 7% and the League at 3.7%. The Sardinian Action Party, the movement of the outgoing and non-renominated governor, Christian Solinas, is currently at 5.5%.

Bitter electoral results for Paolo Truzzu in his native Cagliari. The mayor of Cagliari, when 158 sections out of 173 into which the capital municipality is divided were scrutinized, found himself chasing the centre-left candidate Alessandra Todde in the challenge for the regional elections in Sardinia. The M5s deputy, leader of the broad Pd-M5s traction camp for this competition, is heading towards victory in the city with 51.42%, while the Fdi exponent, candidate from the centre-right, currently stands at 38.29%. The official data, which sees a gap of over 13 points, were published on the institutional website of the Municipality of Cagliari.