Elections in Vibo: Cosentino launches the challenge


By John

Centrality of the city, territorial vocations, social inclusion and community welfare. These are the cornerstones of the government program of mayoral candidate Roberto Cosentino, who officially opened his electoral campaign yesterday during a well-attended press conference held in the Corso Vittorio Emanuele headquarters.
The valorisation of the territory is the direction along which, therefore, the government action of the centre-right coalition will move. «The project launched – begins the candidate for mayor – is not just mine but that of all those people who care about our local reality». His is a vision of a “living” city that is able to develop its territorial vocations, so that they can become opportunities for development and work opportunities, and with a new, innovative, serious and modern vision of what social inclusion is , to make it a capable, active and responsible community.”
And regarding the atavistic issues that have not yet found a solution, for the candidate «it is fundamental, due to the strong guidelines on which my electoral program is based, have strong governance and have tools that make all resources available». For Cosentino, when we talk about «lack of resources it is a false problem. In fact, you need to know where to get them, how to use them and where to direct them.” And in this sense «the issues are, from time to time, something that straddles politics and administration.