You can't gamble, the boys from Cosentino are asking for help


By John

Last stop in San Lucido. The anti-gap tour planned as part of the “Cards Open” project supported by the Foundation with the South together with various third sector entities was concluded in recent days in the center of the Tyrrhenian coast. In the city, the “Il Delfino” solidarity center is responsible for this.
The camper with the experts on board stopped in various centers in the province to raise awareness of issues related to pathological gambling. Furthermore, detailed information was provided on all the free services activated as part of this path which also include the taking charge and care of dependents, both through the specialized gap centers and through the online platform
In Cosentino the data relating to 2022 say that pathological gamblers are male (95%) and the most injured age group goes from 4 to 44 years (34%), followed by 50-54 years (33%), 20-24 (22%) and 60 -64 years (11%). 55% have a university degree, 36% have a diploma and 9% have a primary school diploma. Workers 46%, employees 27%, pensioners and entrepreneurs are 9%. 78% are permanently employed (at least they were), 11% are both students and unemployed. The most popular games are slot machines (which both men and women play), followed by instant lotteries (here too the data is the same for both genders) and sports betting (specifically male data). In 2021, 4 billion euros were gambled in Calabria, 600 million in Cosentino.