“Electra” by Sophocles at the ancient theater of the Taurian park in Palmi


By John

The theater company of the cultural association “Great Talent” of Palmiwith the collaboration of the cultural movement “San Fantino” (institution responsible for the management of the Taurian Park of Palmi, in the province of Reggio Calabria), and with the participation of the cultural associations “Accademia San Johannes”, “Olimpia ad maiora”, “Ecale” and “Fogghj di luna”, organized the theatrical performance “Electra” by Sophocles, which will be staged at the ancient theater of the Parco dei Tauriani on 6 and 7 July 2024.

The event was authorized by the Archaeological Superintendency of Fine Arts and Landscape of Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria and is part of the Parco dei Tauriani program for the 2024 summer season. The text, revisited and adapted by the director Giovanni Parrello, is the translation of Nicola Crocetti, which was staged by the INDA Foundation of Syracuse in 2016, on the occasion of the 52nd cycle of classical representations. The desire to create a theatrical performance at the Roman theater of the Parco dei Tauriani in Palmi was born from a cultural identity project, which has as its aim the rediscovery of the places where the ancient Italian population of the Taurians lived since the 4th century BC, which were the first inhabitants of the territory of present-day Taureana di Palmi. According to some archaeologists and historians who took inspiration from Cato’s writings over the centuries there was also a link between the Taurians and the Greek populations of the Achaeans, during the historical period of Magna Graecia; in this regard, the mythological tradition connects the facts, narrated and handed down, with the places close to Taureana, for the well-known journey of Orestes, son of King Agamemnon, who was condemned to wander chased by the Erinyes, after having committed the matricide of Clytemnestra , and that to become free he had to bathe in the river with seven tributaries which probably corresponds to the Metauro river, now the Petrace river, which marks the border between Palmi and Gioia Tauro.

We interviewed the director of the Great Talent theater company, Giovanni Parrello (in the theater Gianni ed.), and we asked the reasons for the choice to stage such an important and impressive theatrical performance, also for the necessary scenography, for the costumes, and above all for the large number of actors, extras and extras who take part; this is what Gianni Parrello told us: “Culture unites and makes communities grow, our theater company in its thirtieth year of activity intends to contribute to the valorisation and promotion of the Parco dei Tauriani, with the staging of a symbolic theatrical work of Greek mythology, and which is directly connected with the historical tradition of the places that belong to us and with which we identify. In collaboration with the San Fantino Movement and other cultural associations from Palma, we requested and obtained authorization from the Archaeological Superintendency of Fine Arts and Landscape of Reggio Calabria for the use of the Roman Theater of Taurianum, a highly suggestive and evocative location, just think that in Roman times the ‘naumachie’ took place in the auditorium of the Tauriana theatre, shows with boats that re-enacted the battles between Rome and Carthage. For the staging of Sophocles’ “Electra” we asked for patronage from the National Institute of Ancient Drama of Syracuse, and from all the institutions and territorial bodies: the Municipality of Palmi, the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria and the Calabria Region. A special thank you goes to all those who in various capacities have collaborated and supported this cultural initiative in which we have been engaged since last September”. Therefore, it was not at all easy to organize this theatrical event in which 45 actors, extras and extras and a staff of 15 people including workers, technicians and logistics workers participated. To host the public on 6 and 7 July next at the ancient theater of the Parco dei Tauriani, two stands and the use of chairs will be installed. In the next few days, for all theater enthusiasts, it will be possible to book seats to attend the evocative theatrical performance “Electra” by Sophocles.