Employment Centres, the “Together we create the future” project presented in Locri


By John

“Only through synergy with the various institutions involved in this process can we guarantee our young people a different future, giving them the opportunity to remain and live in Calabria. We need everyone's availability and commitment. The Regional Labor Department today has a clear overview of the number of unemployed in Calabria and we have many resources to deploy to support the training path, to also support hiring by companies, which, as I have said several times, they must commit to hiring with regular employment contracts”.

This was stated by the councilor for work and professional training of the Calabria region, Giovanni Calabrese, speaking at the presentation of the territorial network project, “Together we create the future”, at the headquarters of the Locri Employment Centre. The leaders of the CPI took part in the meeting Maria Antonietta Rulli (Locri), Francesca Laganà (Gioia Tauro), Vittorio Colosimo (Reggio Calabria), the Campania-Calabria manager of Sviluppo Lavoro Italia Michele Raccugliathe headteacher Maria Giuliana Fiaschèof the IIS “G.Marconi” of Siderno, Salvatore Scarfò delegate of the school director Simona Prochilo, of the IIS “Gemelli Careri” Oppido Mamertina and of the Itis “M. Milan” by Polistena, the vice president of Confindustria Reggio Calabria, Joseph Febert by delegation of the president Domenico Vecchiofor the Order of Consultants of Reggio Calabria, the secretary Rosario Logozzo, delegated by the president Flaviana Tuzzo.

Councilor Calabrese then stated that “through the Gol program (Guarantee of employability of workers), an initiative to reform active labor policies, which aims to improve job placement, we have been able to verify, even in territory of Locride and the surrounding areas, the profiles to be employed in various sectors such as tourism, agriculture, construction and the tertiary sector. There are opportunities in Calabria, there are young people who want to work too, we must train them adequately, following the orientation of the job demand of the different sectors that operate in our region. This – Calabrese finally highlighted – is the path we are following also through the Italian Labor Development, our operational arm, which will allow us to identify stable employment opportunities for our young people”.

The “Together we create the future” initiative, launched on the initiative of the regional manager responsible for the Southern Area sector, Sergio Tassonewas born from the partnership between the Employment Centers of Locri and Gioia Tauro and the territorial agency Sviluppo Lavoro Italia (formerly ANPALservizi Spa), in response to a good regional practice tested, in collaboration with schools, during the previous school year.

During the meeting The Operational Partnership Agreement was also signed which will outline the roles and contributions to the project framework. In illustrating the operational plan, the Tassone manager spoke of “a project that will network significant actors in the local labor market, who are based in the Piana di Gioia Tauro and the Riviera dei Gelsomini already previously involved in the two Centers for employment in initiatives relating to the intersection between labor supply and demand”.

The network will thus be made up of the Employment Centers of Locri and Gioia Tauro, Sviluppo Lavoro Italia, the IIS “G. Marconi” of Siderno, Itis “M. Milan” of Polistena, IIS “G. Careri” by Oppido Mamertina, Confindustria, Order of labor consultants of Reggio Calabria.

“Specifically – explained the head of the Cpi Maria Antonietta Rulli -, the project will unfold in five phases with the transition orientation workshops that will be held at the IIS Guglielmo Marconi; the involvement of the actor network, supported by Sviluppo Lavoro Italia; taking charge and profiling project beneficiaries; taken charge, following the laboratory activities, by the Employment Center of the students involved in the laboratories, who will have to have an orientation interview to be profiled. In this way, the collection of professional profiles will be carried out and will be used on two fronts: with the school, through the intervention of the Employment Center for the mapping of profiles and construction of applications; with companies, on the basis of a targeted awareness and promotion action conducted by the project partners. The subsequent phases will be the mapping of outgoing profiles and the collection of professional and/or training needs, the promotion of vacancies and applications of project beneficiaries and the Job day with the final event. The Job day – the regional manager finally highlighted – will therefore allow the beneficiaries of the project actions to have a first contact with the application system and with the associated companies and to encourage the meeting between the 'demand' for job proposals, coming from from the entrepreneurial system, and the 'offer' of outgoing profiles of high school students and graduates, skimmed by the networking action, also to verify concrete opportunities for work experience”.

“The Employment Centers of Locri and Gioia Tauro – remarked the directors of the two Cpi – will maintain the direction of the partnership network even beyond the activities envisaged by the project, to stabilize, in terms of supply/demand matching activities, the collaboration between the partners currently involved in the signing of the Agreement”.

All those present agreed on the need to create synergy between institutions, schools, CPIs and companies “to create a comparison between the mapped profiles and the needs of the companies, with the aim of responding to the questions and needs of the young people involved and increasing the employment rate”.