Vibo? The future is in the “projects”. Here is Roberto Cosentino's recipe


By John

Cleaning the lists? «A prerequisite. Those who represent citizens cannot have skeletons in their closets.” The funds not spent by the administration? «First you have to read the carte”. The city to project towards 2030? «An urban nucleus in which one can rediscover oneself the sense of community». And the interference of the usual politics on his candidacy? «I respect everyone, but I believe I have the authority and credibility necessary to manage public affairs in the exclusive interest of citizens. I will be able to say “yes” and “no” in due course».

Roberto Cosentino52 years old, general manager at the Cittadella, with a passion for radio, supported by the centre-right for the after Maria Limardo, it looks like this. You speak to the Gazzetta del Sud with the frankness of someone who «has made a choice without calculations. In that case I would have remained in the Region where – she explains – I worked with three different governors, Oliverio, Santelli and Occhiuto, without problems”. Despite being the expression for bureaucracy, with a passion for communication, especially on the radio, the aspiring mayor immediately enters medias res.
Starting from the state of the art, of a city «in which the impression has been that progress has been made in recent years, Maria Limardo has spent a lot, I only wonder if it was a strategy, if the amount of work put in field has been inserted – he explains – into a precise vision of community”. From Catanzaro, “where I work on a daily basis, I am often reminded that Vibo is a little isolated, a little marginalized compared to the Region”. And it is precisely «from the Citadel that we need to start again – explains Roberto Cosentino – because there we need to capture projects of all kinds in all sectors. Public works, Environment, Culture, Welfare. Yes, Welfare, a sector that deserves particular attention from offices and politicians.”
The new man of the centre-right seems to have been positively surprised by the first contacts «still as a bureaucrat», with the parties: «Forza Italia and Fratelli d'Italia – he underlines – gave me a sense of cohesion and sharing». And the League? «There are discussions underway to understand which voice will prevail within the party. The objective is to broaden the perimeter of the coalition, but we must not stay together at all costs. We have to be good together.”