Euro 2024: here are the pairings of the eighth-finals. In the upper part Spain, Germany, France, Portugal. For Italy “only” England


By John

The picture of the round of 16 of Germany 2024 has been completed. And the result is a very unbalanced scoreboard which could favor the path of Spalletti’s Italy which on its side finds opponents who are at least not transcendental on paper. They are at the top Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and Belgiumor five of the six seeds at the time of the draw. On the side of the Azzurri instead the only big one is England, the last seed, who Spalletti could find in the quarterfinals. Holland will also be on the Azzurri’s side. Mockery for Ukraine which exits the European Championships despite the four points.

The scoreboard

Spain-Georgia (30 June, 9pm – Match 1)
Germany-Denmark (June 29, 9pm – Match 2)
Portugal-Slovenia (1 July, 9pm – Match 3)
France-Belgium (July 1, 6pm – Match 4)

Romania-Netherlands (July 2, 6pm – Match 5)
Austria-Türkiye (July 2, 9pm – Match 6)
England-Slovakia (30 June, 6pm – Match 7)
Switzerland-ITALY (June 29, 6:00 p.m. – Match 8)