Municipality of Vibo, while the Council is being worked on, the oppositions… take sides in the Chamber


By John

A crucial week is opening for the new mayor who, after his inauguration, will have to start seriously working on his council. But it is time for reorganization for the minority too. Or rather, for minorities. Furthermore, at least two oppositions emerged from the vote and will form various groups.
There are seven councilors elected from the centre-right ranks, with a precise and defined entity. Presumably, the elected representatives of Forza Vibo and Oltre will also join the Forza Italia group. There will then be a councilor for Fratelli d’Italia and one for Vibo Unica, the team put in place by Stefano Luciano who elected Claudia Gioia while awaiting the appeal already announced by the first of the non-elected, the former councilor Giuseppe Russo, en route of collision with the leader of this deployment.
As for Forza Vibo, the civic list of Forza Italia, Carmen Corrado could be joined in the Chamber by Giuseppe Calabria who will take the seat left by Roberto Cosentino, the candidate for mayor of the center-right who has decided to return to the Citadel and not go to the City Council. Up to this point the opposition is certain, the one that, without any hesitation, will oppose the administrative activity of the mayor and his executive.