European Championships, Princi (FI): historic result beyond expectations


By John

«A historic result, which went even beyond our expectations. Indeed, more than 80 thousand people from all over the South have put their trust in us, believing in this renewal project and in a hope that will certainly not be disregarded. I would like to thank two categories in particular: young people and the world I come from, the school. My thanks, however, go both to those who chose me by electing me and to those who chose me as a candidate.” This was stated by the vice president of the Calabria Region Giusi Princiof Forza Italia, which as a result of the 83,728 preferences obtained in the southern constituency that place it in third place on the list in terms of approval after Tajani and Martusciello, she will be elected MEP.

«I therefore thank all of Forza Italia – he continues – especially the team from my region, Calabria, led by the coordinator Francesco Cannizzaro and the president Roberto Occhiuto, for giving me the opportunity to represent Calabria and all of Southern Italy in Europe. My gratitude extends to each member of the Forza Italia team: the local managers, the administrators, the mayors, the regional councilors, the fellow councilors, everyone really. Ours is a party that wants to place trust in merit, in skills, an emblem of renewed credibility, branded Calabria.”