Messina, the Basile council at the turning point: major maneuvers after the vote?


By John

What begins is a week like any other for the mayor Federico Basile and his councilors. Today we will know how things went for the South, the North and the leader Cateno De Luca, with everything that follows for the path of the political movement founded by the former mayor of Messina and current mayor of Taormina. In two days, however, the Basile administration will blow out its second candle: on 12 June two years ago, in fact, De Luca's heir defeated the competition already in the first round, winning the tricolor armband which, formally, he would have worn a couple of days later.
It is likely that a press briefing will be organized by the end of this week for take stock of these first two years of mandate: the mayor, councilors and presidents of the investee companies will draw up a sort of budget, albeit through quick commercials. At the same time, Basile is working on the report on his second year as mayor, to be sent to the city council.
The most awaited steps, however, are others. For Cateno De Luca administrations, the two-year mark usually coincides with a sort of turning point. The famous “coupon” to which De Luca often refers and the fact that the mayor is not him, but Federico Basile, changes little: in Palazzo Zanca many have the feeling that something will happen this time too.

Even more so in the aftermath of an electoral campaign (whose exit polls last night were anything but generous) during which De Luca sent specific messages to his followers several times. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that to date all the members of the “team” – councilors and top management of the subsidiaries – have resigned. A status that is only apparently formal. «The tenants of this building did not arrive here by grace received – De Luca said a month ago, just released from the Polyclinic –, we entered with the people and live by consensus. And whoever manages these buildings must guarantee consensus. Or does anyone think that Cateno De Luca will always return to campaign for everyone?”. An outburst similar to the one that arrived the day after the 2022 Regionals. And postponing any reasoning until after the European Championships, De Luca added: “We have many in our stables of good women and men ready to take over.”
It is therefore reasonable to expect any type of move. A reshuffle of delegations only? Or even names? And if there were to be a reshuffle, would the doors also be opened to possible future political allies? Because with De Luca there is one certainty: the electoral campaign never ends.