European elections, Romagnoli (AP): European funds for the labor market in Sicily and Sardinia


By John

In view of the upcoming European elections, Massimo Romagnoli, candidate with Alternative Popolare, stopped in Catania for the last days of his electoral campaign. During an event in which he met voters and supporters, he illustrated an ambitious project that promises to transform the economy: the creation of 100,000 new jobs in Sicily and Sardinia.
Romagnoli, explains that he has developed, thanks to his experts and advisors, a detailed plan to attract European funds in the agriculture, tourism and culture sectors. “If we managed to bring the necessary European funds to Sicily and Sardinia, we could create new companies and give life to existing ones, especially by strengthening infrastructure,” declared Romagnoli. His calculation predicts that within two years, 100,000 new jobs could be generated.

Another fundamental pillar of Romagnoli's program is training. “It is essential to prepare young people to make the most of European funds,” she said. For this reason, Romagnoli intends to organize numerous training courses to inform young people and entrepreneurs about the opportunities offered by the European Union. “These opportunities are many, but few know about them,” she added.
Romagnoli also announced an innovative initiative: hundreds of Sicilian and Sardinian city councilors will be brought to Brussels to participate in a 21-day training course, entirely financed by the European Commission. “Upon their return, these councilors will be prepared to inform and support their fellow citizens in requesting European funds,” Romagnoli explained. The objective is to create a widespread network of knowledge and skills that can stimulate local economic development.
Massimo Romagnoli's proposal is not limited to promising jobs, but it aims at a structural transformation of the economy. With an integrated approach that combines attraction of funds, training and support for businesses, Romagnoli wants to create a virtuous cycle of growth and employment. “This is our vision for a more prosperous and dynamic Sicily and Sardinia,” he concluded.
The 2024 European elections could mark a turning point for Sicily and Sardinia, and Romagnoli's proposal offers a prospect of hope and opportunity for young people and entrepreneurs.