Summer in Messina 2024: the billboard presented. From concerts to small events: all the events


By John

The program of events in Messina for next summer was presented this morning. Around a hundred events spread substantially across the entire territory with the involvement of private organisers who lengthened the billboard. In addition to the six concerts at the Franco Scoglio stadium, the coral garden events were launched with music theater and also with the vision of the next European football championships.

Another confirmed location is that of Capo peloro where there will be a lot of sport at the end of June with beach soccer is a surprise event in the first half of July. The most innovative program for obvious reasons is the one linked to Villa Dante where even dance lovers will be able to find interesting ideas by taking advantage of the large arena that has just been inaugurated. The events obviously remain the Franco Scoglio concerts which will start on June 15th with Geolier and will end on July 9th with Max Pezzali. In Piazza Duomo instead on 12 and 13 July the RDS Summer festival with at least a dozen artists expected on the Messina stage.

The summer season of events that Messina is preparing to experience with an unprecedented program in the history of the city of the Strait has been enclosed in an evocative title: “Estate in Messina 2024#unmaredivertimento”.

“Today we present to the City the calendar of summer events characterized by a fundamental principle, that of relocation within the municipal territory – said Mayor Basile – to give the public the opportunity to enjoy more city spaces. From the Franco Scoglio stadium, to Piazza Duomo, Villa Dante, Capo Peloro, to the Giardino Corallo and the Horcynus Orca, these are the sites that will act as a backdrop to create not an event or events aimed at the city system, but rather to develop the brand City of Music and Events through the creation of a network of movement and wide-ranging initiatives which are not only expressions of music and concerts but of certification of the events themselves to attract tourism and create an economic impact for Messina. The events, around 120, were then designed to satisfy all age groups, ranging from music, to sport, to culture, to our traditions, those of Messina August. A program – concluded the Mayor – the result of internal sharing and teamwork which also involves our subsidiaries who in various capacities will contribute to the success of the events and dialogue with our territory”.

“We managed to create a program capable of satisfying all the targets, we managed to relocate the events throughout the territory, thanks to an organizational machine and team work that sees the support of each Councilor, but above all we managed to create the last mosaic of this programming: the claim E-state a Messina 2024#unseadivertimento to invite citizens, visitors and tourists 'State a Messina'”, thus continued councilor Finocchiaro.

During his speech the Councilor illustrated the appointments in general terms, and among these, one as soon as the official news arrived, Gigi D'Alessio's concert on August 31st in Capo Peloro. “A further presence in Messina of great Italian music artists capable of transmitting emotions with their melodies and lyrics to experience evenings full of fun and aggregation. Principles – concluded Finocchiaro – that together with a network system with local economic operators, all together we can make our city truly attractive and touristic”.

On August Messina “in addition to the traditional events of the Vara and the Giants symbol of the identity heritage of Messina, we have planned – continued councilor Caruso – a series of initiatives which are also traditional such as, on 3 August the Historic swordfish hunt in the Lake great of Ganzirri; on 10 August the landing of Don Giovanni of Austria, an international event financed by the Ministry of Culture; in addition to the collateral events of the Vara procession and the Walk of the Giants. A planning carried out well in advance in synergy with councilor Minutoli not only for the logistical aspects but also to create incoming tourism”.