European elections, the EPP launches the re-nomination of Ursula Von der Leyen: “We are in favor of the dignity of every human being”


By John

«The signal from Bucharest today is that the EPP is in favor of Europe, strong and secure, peaceful and prosperous, democratic and united. We are in favor of the EU, in favor of Ukraine, in favor of the rule of law in the spirit of De Gasperi and Adenauer, of Vaclav Havel and Lech Welesa.” The president of the EU Commission said it Ursula von der Leyen in the speech of candidacy for the EPP Congress.

“We are in favor of the dignity of every human being,” he explained. “Konrad Adenauer said at the beginning, 'European unity was a dream of a few. It has become a hope for many. Today it is a necessity for all of us.' And this is still true today – just look at the last five years. Special thanks go to our EPP group in the European Parliament, under your leadership, Manfred. It is the largest and most united group. Together, we defeated a global pandemic Citizens of every member state, large and small, received their vaccines at the same time, and their fair share. Many thought it was impossible, but we did it. Together, we pulled our economy out of trouble. brink of recession and put it on the road to recovery with NextGenerationEU. Many thought it was impossible, but we did it. Together, we are fighting climate change and have come to the aid of those affected by drought, devastating floods and fires. We made it. This is European solidarity”, he underlined.

Lupi: “Von der Leyen's candidacy is excellent news”

«The candidacy of Ursula Von de Leyen, who has done a great job, for a new mandate at the helm of the Commission is excellent news for Italy. At the next European elections we will work to strengthen the EPP family in Italy and weld an axis in Europe between the popular, the conservatives and the liberals. The EPP has been and will continue to be the pivot of the majority and the next five years will be fundamental to reform and strengthen the Union and respond to the offensive of the far right populists who would like to destroy it, with very dangerous effects on national states and the international scenario”. This was stated by the president of Noi Moderati Maurizio Lupi.