“Everything can change”. The short film “Upended” made by the students of the Lucifero – Ciliberto Institute of Crotone


By John

“Welcoming” and “creativity”. These were the key words of the evening that took place in the Aula Magna of the “Lucifero – Ciliberto” Institute on the occasion of the presentation of the short film “Upended – Everything can change” made by the students of the Institute in collaboration with the Calabria Movie Cultural Association as part of the “Invisible Cities” project. Project that is part of the National Cinema and Images Plan for schools promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. Initiative which was also supported by the Municipality of Crotone, by the “Dante Alighieri” Society and by the EI or Ci Sto association. As the teacher of the Nautical Institute explained Eleonora Stellatelli who coordinated the activities, the project had the objective of creating an audiovisual product aimed at educating students in the cinematographic language through their involvement in all phases of the documentary cinema chain. But, as they had the opportunity to illustrate in their interventions, the school director Girolamo Arcuri, Matteo Russo of the Calabria Movie association, Mauro Nigro expert trainer, Silvana Mancini of the Dante Alighieri society and Professor Stellatelli herself, the project turned into something more: into a story of great friendship between the students of the Institute and Igor, the protagonist of the short film. Igor is a young Ukrainian who arrives in Crotone after fleeing the horrors of war in his country and, in telling his story where the universal values ​​of hospitality emerge thanks to the creativity of the boys who created the work, between them was born a true friendship. And this feeling was evident in the words of the boys who went on stage to receive the applause of the large audience present at the evening. Words of appreciation were expressed by the prefect Franca Ferraro and by the Environment Councilor Angela Maria De Renzo. The actor spoke via video link Carlo Gallo and Enrico La Pera. The evening ended with Igor’s words of gratitude towards his new friends and the city and with a message of hope: “be grateful to life, because from one moment to the next everything can change”