Explosion at Villaggio Santo, a roar tore through the southern area of ​​Messina: “I felt the walls of my house shaking”


By John

There are several testimonies on social media about the thunderous roar that yesterday at around 12:30 tore through the southern area due to the explosion in the Bordonaro fireworks factory.
It was terrible I’m still shocked! From the village Aldisio in addition to the tremendous bang we saw things flying in the air, we did not understand if they were roofs of houses.. in fact we thought some gas cylinder had exploded! It was terrible.” it’s still: “My house shook, I even thought of a crashed plane because I heard a big whistle before the bang

The lady was no less shocked Anna: “I was very close, the first bang sounded like thunder, then everything shook and I thought of an earthquake or a gas cylinder exploding… then a series of bangs and papers and other things flew into the air, then a tremendous smoke… I had goosebumps with fear“. Star: “My cousin and I were in the car near the Zir and we heard a very loud noise and we thought it was thunder”