Once the budget chapter has been closed in Vibo, the list of councilors is on the… table


By John

The first plausible names for the executive that the new mayor will appoint are emerging Enzo Romeo is finalizing it to then present it to the first City Council, scheduled for after the first half of July. The boxes with a big question mark are still several but the picture is starting to take, albeit summarily, a certain shape. The first position that many are looking at with a certain interest is that of the deputy mayor. A role of undisputed importance, that of the substitute for the mayor.
Well, considering that the head of the administration comes from the Democratic Party and that the Five Star Movement should have two of the three departments made available for the two (numerically) inferior forces, out of the nine in total, the odds of Loredana Pilegi (Freely Progressists), an expression of the reference group of regional councilor Antonio Lo Schiavo. A long-time councilor, Loredana Pilegi, a doctor by profession, is at the beginning of her third term.
The possibilities of reviewing the executive are also significant Lorenza Scruglias councilor for social policies, a position already held in the first phase of the Costa administration.
As for the M5S, at the moment no names seem to be jumping to the fore. Of course, the profile of Marco Miceliclearly the first of the elected, could be among those running for the office of president of the City Council. In the Council, from what is leaking from the corridors of the “Luigi Razza” building, the idea of ​​the parliamentarian Riccardo Tucci, plenipotentiary of the party in the territory, would be to enhance the role of Michael Furcithe historian who is also the current territorial manager of the Five Star Movement.