Extortion in Vibo, Pasquale La Rosa is released again


By John

It ends with the release to freedom of Pasquale La Rosa the long precautionary case, in which the defense supported by the lawyers. Giovanni Vecchio and Sandro D'Agostino, was involved in the formulation of four appeals to the Court of Cassation against as many Orders of the Court of Review of Catanzaro, in relation to the proceedings in which he was accused at the Court of Vibo Valentia, with the charges of usury and extortion against the entrepreneur Mondella.

The Supreme Court called to evaluate this precautionary matter for the fourth time has ordered the annulment without postponement of the precautionary measure of house arrest.

The Supreme Court of Cassation has annulled the Order of the Court of Review with reference to the special aggravating circumstance of mafia twice. The Court of Review of Catanzaro, called for the third time to verify the precautionary matter, is therefore forced to exclude the aforementioned aggravating circumstance.

The Court of Review decided to maintain house arrest but this Order was also annulled, ordering the referral proceedings in which the contested Order is adopted, in reference to which the Court of Cassation, Sixth Section, at today's hearing, in accepting the appeal lodged by lawyers Vecchio and d'Agostino, it ordered La Rosa's release from prison. The latter, therefore, will be able to defend himself free from the accusation brought against him in the trial still underway before the Collegiate Court of Vibo Valentia.