Messina, north coastal car parks: bulldozers finally in action in Paradise, Contemplation and Peace


By John

After two years of almost total immobility, this time seems like the good one. This morning the bulldozers were seen at work in the parking areas of the coastal road closed to vehicular transit from 2022. After a series of postponements, the works have begun which, it is hoped, should give back to the citizens of Messina two important parking areas, especially in the summer season.

The laying of the concrete boulders was completed last winter. The installation of the 120 boulders close to the 3 car parks on the coast road took place in the first half of December by a company that won the contract announced by the commissioner structure for the hydrogeological emergency. All this after a series of postponements and ultimatums. Now the local authority will complete the consolidation of the three areas on land. Approximately one hundred and fifty thousand euros of extremely urgent interventions which should have started in January.
The delivery of the boulder laying works took place on May 7th. The three areas of Peace, Paradise and Contemplation they have been closed for almost two years after the collapse in the Pace car park.