Extraordinary territorial control services of the local police of Reggio, 4 drunk drivers caught


By John

In recent days, during the holiday weekend, the Local Police of Reggio Calabria carried out an extraordinary service to control the territory. The activities benefited from a total of 17 units, a mobile station, 6 vehicles, breathalyzer precursors and drug tests. 113 vehicles were checked and 52 drivers subjected to breathalyzer tests. Of these, 4 were found to be in a state of alcoholic intoxication with any consequent criminal and administrative sanctions. A young 22-year-old driver was found to have a blood alcohol level more than 5 times the legal limit. In terms of controls against bad nightlife, 14 public businesses were inspected. For one of them, the illegal gazebo was sealed and the owner was reported to the judicial authorities.
In total, during the service directed by the commander, 34 administrative sanctions were imposed for violations of the highway code, one for violation of a union ordinance, two people reported, and 4 driving documents withdrawn. The service, carried out within the national and transnational program Focus n'drangheta, is part of the device to strengthen the control of the territory established by the Provincial Committee for order and security against bad movement. The activities will continue in the next few days.