Hamas on the truce agreement with Israel: “The evaluation of the current document is negative, but negotiations are moving forward”


By John

“No response has yet arrived from Hamas” on the proposed agreement for the truce in Gaza: this was said by White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, while Yahya Sinwar – leader of Hamas in Gaza – considers the proposed agreement for a truce as “a trap”, reports Israeli TV Channel 12.

According to Sinwar, “the proposal on the table is not an Egyptian proposal, but an Israeli proposal in disguise.” This morning Osama Hamdan, high representative of Hamas in Lebanon, in an interview with local TV, reported by the New York Times, announced that “the position on the current negotiating document is negative”. Hamas then clarified that this “does not mean that the negotiations have stopped”https://gazzettadelsud.it/articoli/mondo/2024/05/02/hamas-sullaccordo-di-tregua-con-israele-la-posizione -on the current-document-it is negative-but-forward-with-negotiations-10781fb7-a243-45e1-a82c-27266992a1da/.”Even if the group does not accept the current Israeli proposals without modification, we are willing – he continued – to continue to negotiate”.

Israel, 'tunnels and mortar positions hit in central Gaza'

Israel hit “the mouth of a tunnel and a mortar launch position in the center of the Strip after numerous projectiles were fired at soldiers operating in the area.” The military spokesperson made this known, adding that in another operation “a cell of operatives who were close to the military was eliminated”. According to the same source, other “infrastructures of terrorist groups in the Strip, including tunnels, buildings and operations have been hit” in the last 24 hours.

Protest for the release of the hostages blocks the Tel Aviv ring road

A small group of demonstrators, including relatives of Israeli hostages in Gaza, blocked traffic on the Tel Aviv ring road for less than half an hour this morning to push the government to reach an agreement for the release of the kidnapped people. One of the signs held up by the demonstrators read: 'Either the hostages or Rafah'https://gazzettadelsud.it/articoli/mondo/2024/05/02/hamas-sullaccordo-di-tregua-con-israele-la-posizione-sullattiva -document-and-negative-but-forward-with-negotiations-10781fb7-a243-45e1-a82c-27266992a1da/.”Entering Rafah means giving up the lives of the hostages. They promised us for six months that only the fight would bring back the kidnapped, today – claimed a representative of 'Women's Protest', quoted by the media – we all understand that the only way to save those who are possible is only through a agreement”. Ynet reported that there were voices of dissent against them. Two people were arrested.