Falcomatà acquitted: “Hard years, but see you soon!”. And the Calabrian Democratic Party: “He returns mayor of Reggio without blemish”


By John

“Acquitted! They were two hard years. Two years in which I suffered, my family suffered, the city suffered. This acquittal returns, in part, the bitterness of this period. A period in which I never, ever , missing your support, the support of the people of Reggio. Now there will have to be a new beginning for the city. Together. I love you, see you soon”. Giuseppe Falcomatà entrusts his liberating outburst to a post, after last night’s Supreme Court ruling which acquitted him in the “Miramare” trial.

Falcomatà, mayors don’t be afraid of signing

«Mayors must be allowed to be mayors without being afraid of signing, being afraid is a feeling that a mayor cannot afford, fear slows you down, makes you insecure and this generates a city that stops and goes backwards». This is the appeal launched in Genoa at the 40th assembly of the National Association of Italian Municipalities by the mayor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Falcomatà, who returned to his position after almost two years after the Supreme Court annulled his conviction for abuse of office.
“I can speak little about the crime of abuse of office – he said – except as someone who has suffered and seen first-hand and on the city the effects of a suspended mayor. The suspension affects the entire community.”

Pd Calabria, “He returns mayor without spot or shadow”

“The acquittal due to innocence of Giuseppe Falcomatà and the former councilors of his council is wonderful news for the city of Reggio Calabria, for the entire region and for democracy”. Thus Senator Nicola Irto, regional secretary of the Calabrian Democratic Party, comments, also on behalf of the entire party, the sentence with which the Supreme Court exonerated the mayor of Reggio Calabria and the former members of his executive.

“Finally – continues secretary Irto – he will be able to return to his place and honor the popular mandate, without any stain or shadow. The Democratic Party of Calabria has never had doubts about the correctness of the actions of Mayor Falcomatà who, with a profound sense of the institutions , defended himself in the trial, awaiting the final stage of judgment to see his reasons recognised. It is in difficulties that the character, personality and seriousness of the public administrator and politician are seen.

We are certain – concludes Senator Irto’s note – that, together with the majority forces, Mayor Falcomatà will be able to take back the path of radical change that he had started in Reggio Calabria some time ago”.