He escapes with ten bottles of spirits hidden in the stroller: 24-year-old in Piraino under house arrest


By John

Last Thursday afternoon, the Carabinieri of the Piraino station, together with the soldiers of the Operational and Radiomobile Unit – Radiomobile Section of the Patti Company, arrested – in flagrante delicto – a 24 year old Romanian for aggravated theft.

Alerted by the owner of a commercial business in the municipality of Piraino, they started looking for a young woman who had just left a supermarket in the area, after having removed 10 bottles of spirits that he had hidden in the stroller in which his youngest daughter was.

Presented yourself at the checkout, the woman paid the price for some item she regularly purchased, of small value, and then left the premises of the public business. When the owner of the supermarket noticed the bottles hidden by the woman who, before running away with the little girl in her arms, abandoned the stroller near the supermarket, and then walked away in the direction of the railway line.

The searches, which were never interrupted and continued along the escape route indicated by the complainant, made it possible to trace the fleeing woman in the center of Gioiosa Marea where, at the sight of the soldiers of the Carabinieri, she attempted to hide and escape the intervention of the soldiers of the Radiomobile Section.

After the necessary investigations, the police arrested the young woman. The stolen goods, consisting of 10 bottles of spirits of various kinds and worth around 250 euros, initially seized, were returned to the person entitled to them, while the truck and the tools used for the burglary were seized.

At the end of the formalities, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, the suspect was subjected to house arrest. Last Saturday morning, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Patti, directed by Dr. Angelo Cavallo, before the competent Court the arrest was validated and, consequently, the woman was subjected to the obligation to reside in Catania.

The proceeding is in the preliminary investigation phase and the principle of not guilty applies to the suspects until the final sentence, pursuant to art. 27 of the Constitution.