“Families change, hospitality remains. Family foster care: responsibilities, roles and tasks”. The training meeting of Cirs Ets and Aiaf Messina begins


By John

On Saturday 4 May, on the occasion of National Foster Care Day, the training meeting will be held starting from 8.30 in the Hall of Flags of Palazzo Zanca “Families change, hospitality remains. Family foster care: responsibilities, roles and tasks”. The event is promoted and organized by Cirs Casa Famiglia ETS and AIAF Messina, with the patronage of the Municipality of Messina and the Order of Psychologists of Sicily.

The event was born with the aim of maintain high attention on the issue of the institution of foster care, also in light of the profound changes that have occurred in the social, family and legal fabric. During the event, emphasis will be placed on the importance of foster care as a support for parenting and protection of the minor. A mechanism that is effective if the network of underlying services works, in the interest not only of the vulnerable subject, but of the entire community. The level of civilization of a territory is in fact measured by the welcome it manages to express, hence the need for a discussion on the implementation of the culture of foster care, so that it becomes the “rule”, as an individual and general responsibility, beyond the emergency moments caused by wars or international critical issues.

During the meeting the role of family homes will also be discussed. It is essential, in fact, to recover a counter-narrative regarding the reception system of the structures, which carry out a very important task of protection and protection. We will also talk about the need to guarantee and update interdisciplinary training both for foster families, but above all for operators who deal with foster care in various capacities.

The participating professionals in attendance, including lawyers and social workers, and university students on courses in cognitive, psychological, pedagogical and cultural studies sciences will be recognized with training credits. The procedure for the recognition of CFU intended for “chosen activities” for students of UniMe's Dicam study courses is underway.

It will also be possible to follow the proceedings of the conference online on the Cirs Casa Famiglia Facebook page at the following link https://www.facebook.com/cirs.messina