Fear in Capo d’Orlando, car with four young people skids and goes off the road: two injured in code red


By John

Another serious road accident in Capo d’Orlando on the fast highway 113 Messina-Palermo, at the Milio bridge in the San Gregorio alto district. Four young people on board a BMW, just before midnight on Saturday, skidded, ending their journey against the edge of a concrete wall on a farm road that leads onto the main road. The impact was extremely violent, so much so that it took the intervention of firefighters from the Sant’Agata Militello detachment to extract two of the four boys from the car. For four boys, one from Capo d’Orlando and the other three from the Nebroid hinterland, it was necessary to be admitted to the hospitals of Sant’Agata di Militello and Patti where they were transported by three 118 ambulances. Two of them arrived in a hospital with the red code while another in the yellow code. The young people returned from Brolo.
At that moment it seems that the road was quite slippery due to an insistent drizzle that was falling in the area. The Carabinieri of the Radiomobile section of Sant’Agata di Militello intervened on site, both for the investigations and to regulate the traffic which was blocked due to the rescue operations. A few steps from the accident site a few months ago, in another road accident, a businessman from Brolo died when his car crashed into an articulated lorry which skidded and fell on him.