Cosenza enjoys Tutino’s double figures. And the bomber jacket is making waves on social media


By John

Cosenza remain four points away from eighth place. However, the rossoblù were overtaken by Bari and Pisa and separated from Reggiana. The 1-1 draw between Ternana and Spezia allowed them to maintain a seven-point margin from the fifth-to-last position. The rossoblù can still be the architects of a championship finale in crescendo.
I flicker. The progressive approach to the minimum objective of permanence can mentally free Cosenza. The rossoblù, at 29 points, have the possibility of playing without too many worries. Something different compared to the end of 2023 when salvation seemed to have been put in jeopardy.
The Sila team will therefore now have the opportunity to dare more so as to leave no stone unturned in the race for the playoffs. A goal never openly recognized by the Via degli Stadi club but to which the group, also thanks to the adjustments made during the repair transfer market, can truly aspire.
In Lecco, against an opponent in difficulty and last in the ranking, despite the inherent difficulties, Caserta and his team have the obligation to try to bring home the victory to shorten the gap from eighth place and aim for a final part of the season with a still palpable goal. After the draws with Pisa and Modena, Cosenza will have to continue its growth and seek confirmation in the next cycle of matches against the Lecco team and then again with Sampdoria, Parma, Catanzaro, Cittadella and Ternana. These next six matches can pave the way for a finale of hopes and dreams, after the break scheduled for the fourth weekend of March.
Leader. Meanwhile, Gennaro Tutino scored the tenth goal of the season in Emilia. The striker, after breaking the spell, is experiencing a very positive period: sixth goal in the last five games played (in between he missed the away match in Bolzano against Sudtirol due to suspension). The best scoring performance in the Serie B championship is ever closer. Three goals separate him from the 13 scored with the Salernitana shirt in the 2020-2021 season. On the banks of the Crati he rediscovered the confidence that he had lacked in recent years. With him, Cosenza has found the leader it has needed for a long time. The last rossoblù to have achieved at least ten achievements in the academy was Emmanuel Rivière four years ago now. Now, however, Tutino can also think about the scorer rankings.
The top of the ranking is only two marks away (Casiraghi and Coda are on 12) and three positions (Pohjanpalo is also ahead of him). The regret remains for the seven posts hit until December. The header against Modena, ahead of Riccio, was an authentic piece of skill from the number nine, the technical and charismatic leader of the Sila dressing room.
The Neapolitan footballer, through social media, in the meantime, has already shifted the horizon of his objectives: «Fourth useful result, which gives us continuity and confidence for the week of work and the next match! Small satisfaction, double figures. Thanks to my teammates and our super fans for the support. Always go to the wolves.”