Fear in Locride between Camini and Riace due to a vast fire: electricity cut VIDEO


By John

It seems to have originated more or less at km 131 of the State Road 106in the territory of the municipality of Fireplaces, the vast fire unfortunately favored by the wind, which is devastating the hilly area of ​​that stretch of territory. The flames, growing higher, soon reached the area Riace and, in some points, they crossed the railway and even reached the state road, despite the presence of the Fire Brigade who, with their tankers, fought to counter their advance. A police patrol was also on site. The entire area remained without electricity and creaks were heard and flashes were seen, probably due to the cables meeting the fire. An apocalyptic scenario, aggravated, as mentioned, by the wind which, among other things, feeds itself with the flames themselves, and by the darkness.