Then Gregory died, her parents: “They took away her chance to live, but they won’t have her soul”


By John

The heart of little Indi, the 8-month-old girl suffering from a very serious mitochondrial pathology, stopped beating last night just before 2am. “My daughter died, my life ended at 1.45am,” said her father Dean Gregory.

“Claire kept her with her for her last breaths,” she reports in a message sent to her lawyers, speaking of her daughter’s last moments next to her mother. “They managed to take Indi’s body and dignity, but they will never be able to take her soul. We are heartbroken and full of shame. They tried to get rid of her – he writes – without anyone knowing, but we made sure that be remembered forever. I knew she was special from the day she was born.”

In recent days the government had granted the little girl Italian citizenship in the hope of speeding up the procedures, but the British judges had established that the matter was solely the responsibility of the English authorities.