Fear in Reggio, huge fire in an electrical material warehouse. 40 families evacuated VIDEO | PHOTO


By John

Teams of fire fighters of the Reggio Calabria Command have been busy in the street since around 12.10 pm Holy Spiritin the southern area of ​​the metropolitan city, for a warehouse fire of approximately 200m2 with metal load-bearing structure, walls in insulated panels and sheet metal roofing.

The shed was used as a warehouse for electrical equipment of various kinds. Involved in fire-fighting operations teams from the headquarters, detachments from Villa San Giovanni and Melito with support from tankers for water supply, self-protecting wagon and rescue officer for the coordination of operations for a total of 9 vehicles and 25 firefighter units.

The flames completely engulfed the structure causing the structural collapse of the same. The high temperatures and thick smoke caused by the combustion damaged the external facades of some buildings located nearby, making it necessary to evacuate 40 families as a precaution.

The intervention of the firefighters was able to contain the fire, preventing the flames from spreading to nearby homes. The situation is currently under control, and the last remaining flames are being extinguished. outbreaks and to the securing of the site. No injuries were reported. Investigations are underway regarding the origin of the fire, at the moment no hypothesis is excluded.